Natural Plant Nutrient Supplement

With many years of outstanding results in commercial agriculture the CropMax foliar spray has shown that farming can be more productive, and farmers can have better crops and so more yield!


CropMax is an additive to crop fertilization and is made essentially for use in professional farming. Its application improves harvests in an organic way, it also proves to help reduce the quantities needed of chemical fertilizers and pesticides.

CropMax is composed of trace elements and amino acids obtained through enzymatic hydrolyses of vegetal raw materials. The combination of the elements leads – after application by spraying – to a growth impulse for all green plants.

CropMax is a plant-based product and therefor 100% organic farming compatible foliar spray

CropMax is therefor used on all sorts of crops; from tomatoes to tea, from coffee to kiwi, potatoes to papaya. Our customers are found all over the world, from Ecuador to Kazakhstan and from Italy to Finland.

CropMax is highly concentrated: per hectare 2 liters only are necessary for a visible increase of harvest, increased resistance and better quality production.

CropMax is certified by BCS Öko Garantie and is thus allowed for organic agriculture and horticulture.

Soy Treated
Soy Un-treated



Certified ecological fertilizer, permitted for use in organic agriculture.


Significantly increases productivity.


Increases product quality.


Improves efficiency of mineral fertilizers and pesticides.


Promotes rapid and greater development of root system, thereby significantly increasing resistance of plants to drought and stress


Significantly improves plant resistance to pests and diseases.


Compatible with pesticides and fertilizer solutions

How To

CropMax is a biostimulant for all kinds of crops. The activity is based on the combination of trace elements, amino acids, vitamins and saccharides. CropMax is applied diluted in water and needs to be sprayed. CropMax can be used in combination with insecticides, pesticides and fungicides.

CropMax is highly concentrated. Its dilution rate is but 10 ml of CropMax in 10 liters of water.

CropMax is absorbed through the leaf pores. Note, DO NOT SPRAY when the sun is shining intensely. Therefore, we advise to spray in the morning or at dusk.

CropMax stimulates specific processes in plant growth of all kinds of crops. Depending on the result sought, CropMax should be applied at different stages of the plant’s physiology.

CropMax: How it Works

Amino acids – CropMax composition includes 17 amino acids, most of which are essential, are responsible for cell division and actively influence the shape of the root system and ripening of the fruit.

Plants use carbohydrates and nitrogen, amongst other things, to produce proteins in the leaves. These proteins are essential for strengthening cell walls, enzyme activity and internal plant signaling. Protein synthesis starts with the formation of amino-acids. A plant is typically able to naturally produce 20 known essential amino acids. However, a healthy mix of natural L-amino acids will support efficient protein synthesis, especially when there are limiting conditions.

By promoting effective protein synthesis there are a multitude of knock-on benefits, including: a reduction in the build-up of nitrates that in turn attract unwanted pests, an increased opportunity to maintain crop and assimilate balance, quicker recovery from stress, and maintaining the metabolic system of the plant throughout the crop production cycle.

Amino acids are building blocks for proteins that are essential for the maintenance and growth of all living organisms, including plants. For optimal plant growth and performance, it is therefore important that a rich variation in amino acids are available to the crop. The unique properties of CropMax, ensure the plant based amino acids are easily absorbed and assimilated through the leaves and roots.

Trace elements:
Iron – is a part of many enzymes. Without iron, formation of genes and growth of nuclei is not possible.

Zinc – has an important role in plant metabolism, because it is a component of more than 300 enzymes. For plants, especially important is the zinc involvement in the synthesis of the amino acid tryptophan – precursor of phytohormone auxin.

Copper – affects the hydrocarbon and nitrogen metabolism via enzymes.

Manganese – takes part in the photolysis of water during photosynthesis

Molybdenum – in a plants is a component of the reductase enzyme series. It is closely connected with nitrogen metabolism. The most important enzymes that contain molybdenum are nitroreductase and nitrogenase

Boron – one of the essential trace elements. Lack of boron damages the exchange of sugars. Polysaccharides are sources of energy. Enzymes – catalysts of biochemical processes.


Ascorbic acid – a strong reductant, antioxidant. Vitamin E (tocopherol) – increases fertility. Carotenoids – prevent excessive top growth.

Please Check The Application For Your Crop


To promote growth during the vulnerable early stages.
Before sowing or planting, pre-soak the seeds or tubers in a solution of CROPMAX®.


To stimulate the formation of a better root system and thus improve feed and water uptake.
After the third leaf appeared, spray a solution of CropMax.

Vegetative Stage

To promote the growth and quality of the green matter thus improve the hotosynthesis.
When the plant is between 4 and 10 cm, spray a solution of CropMax.

Fruit Setting

To increase the amount of flowers and promote fruit setting.
When the flowers begin to appear, spray a solution of CropMax


To promote the quality of fruits and the formation of dry matter.
When the fruits have set, spray a solution of CropMax

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CropMax Organic Certifaction


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