A farmer from Sannicolau Romania, was about to lose more than 100 hectares of hybrid corn. Engineers from Holland Farming came up with the rescue: CropMax 1 L / Ha + fungicide (to stop hail causes of hail, by acid rain).

Twenty days after this unpleasant incident, the crop returned to its feet, and the cultivator again smiled.

Anca Sala, Sales Director of Holland Farming, West, said: “I was in the field with the farmer and was very pleased that he did not have to lose the crop. He expected this, and he was very upset, especially since we are talking about 100 ha of corn affected by hail. ”

The damage is still visible on the basal leaves, the growth cone was on the ground and therefore the plants started in the vegetation.

Due to the content of biostimulators and natural phytohormones in CropMax, the plants were stimulated to flourish. If CropMax products and fungicide were not applied, the culture would have been lost, which the farmer convinced.