CropPerfection helps and educates farms to perfect farming.

CropPerfection provides ways to reduce farming costs, improve Soil, Water and Plant health and enhance crops by understanding the complete connection of soil, water and plant life.

CropPerfection implements the total package of soil, water and plant stimulation. All biological farming products to support the natural power of plant life.

All to bring back nature to its original state of Perfection.
We call it Perfect Farming.


For as long as people have been farming, natural, organic methods were the norm.
But during the last century, the rise of chemical-based agriculture has dramatically changed the way we produce our food. Increasingly corporate and mechanized, today’s conventional farms are saturated with artificial fertilizers, pesticides, and herbicides that are engineered to reduce the burden of labor while keeping crop yields high…read more


CropPerfection connects with you to analyze and come up with the best solution for your farming situation. If you need help with more short term yield by adding CropMax or help with a transition into a more biological approach our people are here to help you in the process, step by step. In this way we will literally are able to grow together.

CropPerfection partners with farms to cooperate in finding the right solution for the soil, water and your crops…read more

Total Supplier

CropPerfection is the total supplier in terms of soil improvement, water improvement, plant improvement and plant protection. All our products are 100% natural solutions directly derived from Mother Earth. Products free from chemical or genetic engineering.

Our field-proven solutions will improve the quality and yield of your crop!

Our Mission

We believe that the people of Earth deserve healthy food to eat and a healthy environment to live in.

We also believe that farmers who work hard to provide our food deserve to make a good living while doing it.

It is our mission to help farmers around the world grow healthier, more productive plants by the use of the tools the Earth has provided humanity.


Nature’s Own Solutions


Creating Harmony and Balance in Perfect Farming


Perfect Farming

CropPerfection is a plant health company with products and services to improve the profitability of all growers. Our products are based on a deep understanding of soil, water and plant science. A deep understanding how to improve soil, water and plant life and solve issues.